The universe itself, along with readings in quantum physics, is my inspiration. It is always a part of me and the source of all I do.

I select materials and colors for their potential to lead me to new places, reflecting a spiritual intuition. Color is seen as energy and energy as vibration. I work spontaneously and in the moment with color. Recently, I have explored the infinite arrangements and articulations of the circle, which to me represent inner vision, the heart of microcosm, and the continuous flow of universal energy. By repetition of the circle, point, line, color field and other marks, often made intuitively and sometimes in premeditated stages, I find what resonates.

When working on canvas and paper with mixed media and acrylic paint, I enjoy the varied effects I can achieve. My works combine divergent smaller energetic particles with a sense of movement and vibration created by color and abstract composition. The repetition occurring in the natural world is another connection, which also communicates at the spiritual level. My concerns about global warming and earth changes are reflected as well.

I also work with natural elements, such as branches, twigs, wires, cables and papers. By reinventing them, manipulating them, painting them and arranging them within display boxes, I give them a new existence.

The meaning of each piece is achieved through color rather than via the materials themselves. The meaning of the chosen colors provides new connections, and opens communication between the work and the viewer.